Gua Sha Benefits -What Improvements Can Honestly Be Expected

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We recently had the chance to chat it up with our resident Beauty Editor, Alicia Suggs, of The L.A. Glow about Gua Sha Benefits! The hottest new facial treatment that is rumored to give an improved appearance; sculpt as well as tone the skin naturally. No harmful ingredients or surgery necessary!

So then, how does it work? Moreover, why is this beauty treatment so effective in making skin healthier? Plus, how many different benefits can one hope to gain by getting Gua Sha done on a regular basis.

Gua Sha Benefits -What Improvements Can Honestly Be Expected

1966: Thanks for taking the time to explain this to us Alicia! We know you stay busy!

Alicia: [Laughs] No problem, always here to help answer skin and beauty questions for you guys.

1966: So tell us, what is Gua Sha and why is it so great at improving the look of skin?

Alicia: Well, Gua Sha is quickly becoming one of my top additions to my facials that my clients request because it is tried and true. It has a long history in beauty, going all the way back to the ancient medical traditions of China and Southeast Asia.

During the treatment I use a little tool made from jade stone to perform intentional and repetitive movements. It’s these movements that allow me to really get in there and remove waste.

1966 Magazine Beauty Editor and Esthetician Alicia Suggs. Owner of The L.A. Glow.

1966: Uhm… waste?

Alicia: [Laughs] Yeah… but trust me you WANT me to remove it. You see, Gua Sha actually works along with your body’s lymphatic system. Specifically in the face, the lymphs are like the “septic system” for drainage.

The best way I can describe it to my clients is to think about using a broom to clean a house. You take that broom and sweep up, cleaning out dirt or anything else you don’t want lying around. Gua Sha movements act like a sweeper, gliding across your face to remove any congestion or waste.

That’s why skin ends up looking so great after because everything is flowing properly because there are no blocks. However, lymphatic drainage has to be carried out in the right order if you want to see the most benefits; which is why it is good to seek out a professional.

Gua Sha Benefits -What Improvements Can Honestly Be Expected (Continued)

Gua Sha Benefits

1966: Alright, noted we should go visit a pro like you (Alicia is an Esthetician in Los Angeles, California) to get it done right. Besides healthier looking skin are there any more benefits we should know about?

Alicia: Of course! There are a ton of them. Just to name a few, in many cases Gua Sha can help improve: fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles, sagging skin, puffy eyes, acne as well as troublesome pimples.

There are other benefits, but many come in wanting to help with the issues I just named; and they are VERY happy with the results. Plus, Gua Sha just feels good! It’s very relaxing. So you get to come in, de-stress and leave with glowing skin that’s vitality has been renewed.

1966: Well, that sounds like an amazing skincare treatment, especially the dark undereye circles part. A lot of us have to deal with that.

Alicia: Exactly, Gua Sha works to really reduce puffiness, darkness and soften deep set eyes naturally. It’s just a great procedure to help bring the life back into your face and skin.

1966: Okay we’re sold! [laughter] Thanks again for the chat Alicia, until next time.

Alicia: It’s a date.

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