Forever 21 Black History Month Collection-Straight Up for the Culture!

Forever 21 Black History Month Collection
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Forever 21 Black History Month Collection

Power to the people, fashions, and movers as well as shakers doing it for the culture! Several black creatives have lent their stylish expertise and vibe to infuse the VERY FIRST Forever 21 Black History Month Collection with some serious melanin flair! This lineup not only represents the black community well; it will also help to uplift and give much needed exposure to black voices.

Have you seen it? No worries, you know we got you! Throughout this feature we will be showing off several of the various designs. BUT for now, get a great look at it all by checking out our Fashion Trailer below!

Forever 21 Black History Month Collection-Straight Up for the Culture!


Forever 21 Black History Month Collection


Marvin Gaye said it best, “What’s Going On?!” Well, fashion friends, F21 is serving up a BIG plate of black girl and black boy magic. This very month, Forever 21 just launched their first, large-scale BHM campaign featuring a new collection, omnichannel activations, and long-term partnerships – all centered around amplifying Black creatives, leaders, and partnerships in and out of the brand.

The fashion giant took to social media to explain things further. In regards to their collaborative BHM Collection, Forever 21 reveals,

“Happy Black History Month! We’re celebrating artistry and community. To celebrate Black History Month we’ve collaborated with 3 up and coming artists and creators for a groundbreaking collection showcasing the range, beauty and power of artistic expression.

All month long we’ll be sharing their stories, showcasing some of the great work going on in our community, and sharing the work of other great artists and creators you should know!”



Meet the 3 Visionaries Behind the BHM x Forever 21 Collection

Basically… ITS LIT! Nevertheless, we feel this way about the F21 line because in the words of Issa Rae, we will always be “rooting for everyone black.” Therefore, who’s behind all these fab designs? Well… we can tell you that they’re great, they’re talented… and now they are bringing awareness to black history as well as issues. Meet all 3 beautiful people below!


Forever 21 Black History Month Collection


Stormy Nesbit is a Phoenix-based illustrator and designer with roots in the Midwest whose works express the beauty and strength of America’s Black communities, with a focus on the women within them. Her characters echo the pride she has for her community, and the modern aesthetic provides a new take on the elegance in melanin.



Ashley Sky Walker was born and  raised in South Central Los Angeles. Ashley’s work is motivated by the struggle to bring awareness to black, brown, and people of color. He aims to create original pieces that are empowering and a tribute to cultural movements of the past.



Henry R. Jones II was born and raised in Pasadena, California. He first picked up a camera in 2015 after the passing of his mother as a way to document life while creating thought provoking imagery. He often includes his children in his work as a tribute to what they mean to him.

Forever 21 Black History Month Collection- When and How to Get Yours

Forever 21 Black History Month Collection


So when will this collection be available? It’s available for purchase right now! Yes, all during the month of February you can get your hands on some Forever 21 swag with a Black History Month twist.

Plus, you can buy in two different ways. For starters, This fashion lineup is available in stores. However, before you head on out, you might want to check first to make sure this BHM line is available at the F21 store near you. Currently, this collection is only available at select stores.



However, if going to the mall is not your thing; put your car keys away and grab your card! Since you can always just choose to head online. Stay Covid safe by going to F21’s online store at and search for the BHM Collection. Happy shopping!

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