Fenty Beauty Ultra Fine Brow Pencil & Styler -Brows Will Be Savage!

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Fenty Beauty Ultra Fine Brow Pencil & Styler

Rihanna still has her peddle on the metal as she drives Fenty Beauty to newer heights! While everyone thought Rih was still partying it up in Barbados at this year’s Cropover festival; this business mogul had other plans! In a surprise appearance Miss Fenty hit the scene at a Sephora event in Las Vegas, Nevada; AND dropped a bomb announcement about new Fenty Beauty makeup products being on the way! Hold onto your brow hairs dolls because Fenty Beauty Ultra Fine Brow Pencil & Styler is coming!

Proof This Brow Product Is Really Happening!

Some people snatch our edges; but Rihanna snatches our eyebrows clear OFF! Yes, the next generation of Fenty Beauty is moving into the brow shaping and defining products arena.

Okay guys, so here’s what we know. While no official imagery, visuals or announcements have been made; the smoking gun came from Rihanna herself. In Vegas, at the Sephora’s Store Leadership Conference; Badgalriri had this to say,

“I was not gonna come all the way to Vegas empty handed. So we’re gonna give you guys an exclusive sneak peek of one of the next products coming out—the very next product coming out.”

What was the sneak peek? Brow pencils! Attendees were treated to an exclusive video showing the new Fenty Beauty cosmetics item coming down the pipeline. In the video the Brow Pencils were named, “Ultra Fine Brow Pencil & Styler.”

For the last several years brows have become BIG business, seeing a major influx of brow creation products hitting the market. Especially, for those who like the permanent brow makeup look (think very separated, defined, microblading finish). Nevertheless, Rihanna is continuing to follow her usual success formula when it comes to her amazing cosmetics; which is: Ensure everyone is covered. How will she accomplish this with her new brow items?

Fenty Beauty Ultra Fine Brow Pencil & Styler -Brows Will Be Savage

For one thing, there will be plenty of shade options. In terms of eyebrow pencils this is HUMONGOUS news. Usually, with many brands there are only 4-5 MAIN eyebrow tones that can be purchased. We’re sure you have noticed the shortage of colors too in your makeup search.

Right now most companies will offer a typical brown, light brown, darker brown and a black. That poses a problem because everyone’s skin tone and especially eyebrow hair color; is not going to be able to be squeezed to fit four or five colors. It’s just impossible.

Plus, that is not how you create a natural looking brow anyway. We asked all of our Pro makeup artist experts to weigh in; and they all said the same thing. For more natural looking eyebrows when using pencil you want to go up just ONE shade lighter than your natural brow hair color. Just so the ending result does not look “harsh.” This poses a problem IF there is not a suitable color available to do this beauty tip.

However, recently there have been exceptions. There are companies working hard to fill this makeup need. For instance, NYX brow pencils came in at least 8 shades and at a price point many can easily afford. Also, the king brand of brows, Benefit currently has a brow pencil lineup of 12 hues.

Furthermore, small color range shouldn’t really surprise anyone. Literally, it is the same problem that went on for decades when it came to Foundation. Not every color, or selection fit everyone. Your choices were go ashy, bare face/natural or mix different ones up in your bathroom like a mad scientist. Bleak.

Brow Game Changer -Product Details!

Fenty Beauty Ultra Fine Brow Pencil & Styler


That is until Rihanna came and changed the game. Now other brands are rushing to create more “inclusive” tones in order to bring in the sales. Nevertheless, now Rihanna is set to cause the same revolution in the brow realm.

Her Fenty Beauty Ultra Fine Pencil and Styler will come in over ten shades. To be exact in a promo teaser from Rihanna’s surprise Las Vegas visit; it reveals a total of 14 shades! A range quite unheard of in the industry.

Forget the days of having to settle for jet black eyebrows. Blondes, redheads, brunettes, raven black tone hair persons and everyone in-between will be able to enjoy Brow colors more suited to them.

Plus, the design of her pencils are literally exactly what you want when creating the perfect brow. For example, if you were using a makeup brush to create your eyebrow look; you would want to use an angled brush. That is because it will give you more control when creating nice clean strokes.

However, Fenty Beauty’s design is like the angled brush and brow color in one! A close view showcases Rihanna’s pencil with an angled tip. The pencil also looks to be “self-sharpening” so you can expect a great finish every time.

Plus, that means less work for you. Since who us really enjoys always having to keep a pencil sharpener around? Self-sharpening is the way to go and any company willing to make our beauty lives easier; we’re totally down with them and completely FINE handing over our coins.

Additionally, this Fenty Beauty Eyebrow Pencil will not be some big ol’ uncontrollable crayon. The sleek, thinner design will give you extra control whether you are holding it with your entire hand; or between a few fingers.

As one can see, Robyn continues to be innovative in how see expands her beauty empire. Design, efficiency, ease of use and of course; inclusiveness continues to be the main focus of her products.

Buying Options

Nevertheless, when can Fenty Beauty fans expect to get their hands on the new eyebrow pencils? Well, the wait will not be long at all. They are dropping this month!

Yes, mark your calendars because August is product drop month. Get yourself an Ultra Fine Pencil and Styler on August 23! Hurry because we are sure these babies are going to sell out FAST!

How to Cop It: On the release date you can get your Fenty Beauty Brow Pencil at SEPHORA as well as www.FentyBeauty.com.

Brow Tips

Since Rihanna’s Brow Pencil is coming we thought we would share a few tips in order to help your brow game be even more on point! Have you ever wondered how to choose the RIGHT eyebrow pencil color? Well, you’re going to learn today! These tips are from actual industry MUAs. Enjoy!

1966 Questions: Help us! How do you choose the right eyebrow pencil color?

“1966 good question, only with brow gels would you use the same color as your eyebrows. With brow pencils, it’s a little different. You want to go one shade lighter because you want the look to be softer.

Ever seen those innocent souls with very severe looking brows? Like my heart goes out to them! Everyone notices but not in a good way. Avoid that.

When you’re drawing the illusion of hair, it will always look unnatural if the pencil is darker or as dark as your hair. The lighter color gives it the dimension it needs.”

1966 Questions: Why do you use a particular color?

“I personally like to use a pencil shade 1-2 shades lighter than  my client’s actual natural hair color. It helps the eyebrow I create look more defined.”

1966 Questions: Can a person just use the hair on their head as a guide?

“I always say that the best brows are very close to your natural hair color. Not exact, but close.

Like look at redheads, are their eyebrows red? Their brows always look amazing with auburn or a hint of light brown. Or some with dark black hair actually have deep brown brows. So don’t get hung up on your hair color. You won’t get a natural look that way.”