Eye Candy for the Soul - Poem

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Ladies, I don’t know about y’all, but this is my kind of eye candy. I’ll take eye candy that’s pleasing to the soul over eye candy that’s pleasing to the eyes any day.

You’re my kind of eye candy!
A man that can stimulate a woman’s soul
Not because of your good looks, but because
You’re much more than the natural eyes can see
You’re a rare one indeed

Communication is only one of your greatest strengths
A man of your word
And responsible too
What real woman wouldn’t admire a man like you?

Respectful, considerate, and very attentive to my needs
Amazing and unique qualities that make you stand out from the rest
A mature man who’s confident in himself
Oh yes! Self-confidence looks good on you

Knows how to handle business
Not afraid to take risks
Positive, encouraging, and one hell of a motivator
A pleasing personality
Genuine in everything that you do. Yep, that’s totally you!

A great listener!
That’s such a turn on to me
So compassionate and kind
Desirable is an understatement
You’re a breath of fresh air!
Sexy on the inside, a woman’s dream!

Easy to talk to
That’s a beautiful gift with which you’ve been blessed
Easy to get along with
What a fine gentleman you are
You bring joy to my heart

You’re eye candy to my soul
You’re the kind of man that I’m attracted to
A man that stands out from the rest
Not trying to be like anybody else
You have a strong identity.

Trustworthy. I fully respect that in a man.
Romantic and passionate, too
Not many others can compare to you
There’s absolutely no duplicating you!
You’ve got that special something

You’ve got the full package, baby.
You’re the man!
A real man!
A loving man!
The ideal man!

I’ll leave you with this: So many people focus on the outward appearance, sometimes passing up what could be the best thing that ever happened to them. I personally know this because when I was a teenager, trust me, it was all about looks. But now that I’m much older and wiser, I understand that looks truly aren’t everything. Not by a long shot!

I’ve also learned that just because somebody is attractive, that doesn’t mean that they’re “the one.” What once was attractive to me is NOT anymore. Inner beauty is what it’s all about.

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