Corioliss Profix-Professional Styling Iron

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I am so glad I ran into a friend at the mall and she told me she had just purchased a new styling iron. Her hair looked absolutely beautiful. She has naturally curly hair but with this styling iron it was so silky, shiny and extremely healthy looking. Literally, it reminded me of  like a Pantene Pro-V commercial.

So then, I had to go try it myself and I am a believer of this product. I thought my hair was nice before, but when I tried the styling iron there was a major difference and I love it. I have tried many styling irons in my lifetime that were good initially but I would still have to pass over my hair about two to three times to get the desired look I wanted to achieve. Well that is a thing of the past with my profix styling iron. As soon as I pass my profix over my hair I immediately see the difference!

Now you are probably wondering why I am calling it a styling iron instead of a flat iron. Well, the reason being is that with the Corioliss Professional Styling Iron you can create many styles with it. You can use it the traditionally in order to straighten your hair or use it to curl, wave, and flip your hair. What an amazing device to style your hair in whatever fashion that you desire.