Concealer Gone Wild-Application Tips for Flawless Under Eyes

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Beauty Tip: How To Apply Concealer

At times makeup can be a little challenging, but with a little know how as well as practice you can be good to go. Concealer is the perfect product if you are concerned about lessening the appearance of under eye circles and/or bags. Therefore, when Saturday morning rolls around after a fun Friday night you will have no fear facing our dear friend the bathroom mirror.

Nevertheless, we are well aware that it’s not always a night out that may have us reaching for some beauty camouflage. Naturally, many women deal with under eye issues, making learning proper application essential. Moreover, concealer is one of the trickier products because applying too much runs the risk of it instantly showing in photos due to flash lighting or even worse giving off a caked on vibe. Both of which are not very cute beauty looks. Therefore, is there a fool proof method for applying concealer?

How to Apply Concealer


Yes ladies there is: Stare straight ahead in the mirror when applying concealer to cover dark circles. If you look up you will apply way too much. Also, apply the product in the shape of a triangle; with the base underneath the eye and the point going towards the cheek.

Applying it this way creates what’s known as the “triangle of light.” You are able to brighten under the eye; thus reducing the appearance of dark circles. All while you also give your cheek area a little lift. Simple right?

Well, that is our little tricks for a flawless concealer application. How do you conquer dark circles?

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