SAG Awards 2018: Get Yara Shahidi's Chanel Makeup Look!

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Yara Shahidi's Chanel Makeup Look

Gloss on those lips, gloss on those eyes. It is safe to say that for the SAG Awards 2018 event, Yara Shahidi was straight POPPIN! Nevertheless, several of you blew up our DMs asking for details on how to get Yara’s Chanel Makeup look.

You know we could not disappoint; so we got one question for you. Are you ready to look red carpet official? We thought so, we got all the info on how to steal Miss Yara’s official SAG Awards look!

Yara Shahidi’s Chanel Makeup Look

Yara Shahidi's Chanel Makeup Look

Heyyyyyy…. We went right to the source on this one you guys. Yara’s makeup was created by celebrity and MUA (makeup artist) genius, Emily Cheng. Emily utilized an alluring trend to help Yara stand out from the rest (even though she’s so gorgeous she already stands out)!

Trends: To lips be the power! Yes, a nice pout is all you will need to wield some insane beauty power this season. Furthermore, what tint will be super hot to trot?

Give in to a nice rouge, red tone. This sultry hue will effortlessly add dramatic sass to your makeup look. The best part? You really do not need to include much of anything else in your overall finishes.

Red is a super strong color that just demands attention. Therefore, let it take command and do all the hard work for you. Keep the focus on your lips by going more au natural with the rest of your face. Light touches of blush, eyeliner, mascara and brows is all you need. So then, take a lesson from Emily and Yara, less can be more!

SAG Awards 2018: Get Yara Shahidi’s Chanel Makeup Look

Yara Shahidi's Chanel Makeup Look

Every product, every item. Here is the complete Chanel cosmetics list that you can add to makeup bags ASAP in order to recreate Yara’s winning look! Happy shopping and recreating loves!


  • Hydra Beauty Lip and Creme
  • Le Lift Firming Flash Eye Revitalizer
  • La Solution 10 de Chanel

The Eyes:

  • Callligraphie De Chanel Cream Eyeliner 65
  • Stylo Yeux Waterproof Eyeliner 88 Noir Intense

The Cheeks:

  • Joues Contrasts in Rouge Profond 320

Lips Combination:

  • Precision Lip Definer in 98 Seduction
  • Rouge Allure in Pirate and Rouge Noir
  • Lip Balm and Powder Duo in Rosso Parthenop
  • Rouge Coco Gloss 772 Epique

Yara Shahidi's Chanel Makeup Look

Yara’s Chanel Makeup Style – But Prep?

If you have ever attempted to recreate a red carpet look; you may have noticed that the pros always do a little prep first. Is this step necessary? That is a question many wonder because a lot of us to save time just launch right into foundation or concealer.

However, if you are truly after the celebrity beauty style, then good prep should never be ignored. For instance, many celebrities indulge in skincare treatments before a huge red carpet event. Why? So that they look absolutely breathtaking in front of the cameras.

Yara Shahidi's Chanel Makeup Look

That is why they look so flawless 24/7. They do whatever they can to minimize flaws before stepping out. Moreover, this even includes prepping skin right before makeup application.

Utilizing beauty creams or light face oils before makeup helps to add gorgeous hydration to the skin. This not only helps the skin to have a more natural glow, but how the skin will look ultimately after makeup is applied. So then, remember prep is your friend. Engage in it and you will certainly look like the star you are!

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