Best Curly Hair Tips To Learn ASAP!

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Best Curly Hair Tips

Going natural means completely changing up your hair routine. Curly hair requires maintenance care that you may not be used to doing. Nevertheless, it is not impossible to live the curly girl life if you know a few things ahead of time. To get you in the swing of things we have compiled the Best Curly Hair Tips! Whether you are a beginner on your hair journey or advanced these tips will give you gorgeous hair.

The Best Curly Hair Tips

It does not matter if you had permed or straightened your hair with a flat iron, all of that goes out the window. Do not be fooled, curly hair is not about wash-and-go. After you cleanse strands more is needed to get tresses looking spectacular.

With curly hair it is all about striking the right balance. Ringlets need the right amount of hydration, styling and protection against frizz or your curls will be lackluster. Therefore, what can be done to add life to strands?

Curly Hair Tips

Best Curly Hair Tips 2

From the moment your hair is sopping wet your curls’ shape and end result depend on your next moves. Baby your curls with a gentle and soft approach. Instead of using a towel with a rougher texture opt for a microfiber towel. Using a towel with a softer texture is actually a protection for the hair.

Hair that is towel dried with a rough substance runs the risk of causing frizz by roughing up the cuticle. Therefore, avoid harming the cuticle and your curls with thank you. If money is tight you can also dry strands with a tee-shirt. The soft shirt will get hair dry without all the roughness. You can also gently dry hair with paper towels.  Remember to always press gently and softly when towel drying strands.

Best Curly Hair Tips – Sleep Softly

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Remember the fairy tale story of the princess and the pea? She was so delicate that she felt a small pea even through several mattresses. Well, hate to tell you but your curls are just as much of a diva. Strands are highly vulnerable to any friction caused during sleep.

For a moment just picture yourself resting at night. Are you an angelic sleeper or more like a matador and its bull at night? If you are like us the latter explains and fits you more. Now think about all that friction from rubbing back and forth all of your pillow causes.

Besides the risk of pulling out and tearing strands there’s another terrifying result. You guessed it, like the rough towel you can create a frizzy result. Consequently, what can be done to fix this issue?

Invest in silk. Whether it is a silk scarf or silk pillowcase just buy it. Silk is great for curls because it is gentle. Silk will not rough up hair fibers and it is soft on the hair cuticle. If you are pretty good about wrapping your hair up at night a scarf is all you need. Nevertheless, if you tend to forget or simply are too tired at the end of the day then it is highly recommended that you use the silk pillowcase.

In our Volume 1 edition of 1966 Magazine we teach an easy technique for hair wrapping. Learn it and have great curls the following morning!

Develop Curl Pattern

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Did you know as strands begin to take on a wavy shape and bend that small crevices and cracks develop? Those crevices and cracks have to be addressed. The fix is simple, always make sure they are well hydrated and moisturized. If they are not properly moisturized then the cracks and crevices can become bigger. As a result, an unpolished curl pattern develops.

If you want a well-defined curl pattern then never neglect adding moisture to your hair. Look for products that list water or aqua as the first ingredient. Or purchase a moisturizing hair mousse. Such a product will accomplish two things. First of all, the mousse will deeply penetrate the crevices and cracks delivering moisture. Second, it will also provide great hold. Moisture and control/hold will always give you stunning curls.

Best Curly Hair Tips – Hair Growth

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Hair growth always gives women a headache. Sometimes it can feel like strands are just not growing. Moreover, now that you are a curly girl that same feeling kind of intensifies.

Why does it seem like curly hair grows at a turtle’s pace? In reality it is not, that is just the perception. Since curly hair is all coiled up it looks shorter. It is what women have come to call “shrinkage.” Nevertheless, shrinkage does not paint the full picture very well.

Hair never stops growing. It is growing right now as y0u read these helpful tips. However, everyone’s hair growth cycle is different. This means some of us will grow more hair faster than others. Yet, with persistence and care everyone CAN grow their hair.

Every now and then perform a ringlet test in order to gauge your progress. Gently pull one coil straight to see how long it is and take a picture. As time goes by you can look at the photos and get a better idea on how fast your hair is growing.

Lastly, remember that breakage and split ends are often the culprits behind hair that seems to not grow longer. Breakage and split ends shorten strands. So even though you did experience hair growth these hair enemies negated and canceled out all of your hard work.

Don’t allow all of your hard work and hair care to be for nothing. Do not allow split ends to remain. Get trims in order to prevent them from wreaking havoc on your curls. Moreover, be gentle with your curls. Breakage usually occurs when strands are handled roughly.

Best Curly Hair Tips – Curly Hair Products

First, check out the best conditioner for curly hair.

Have you ever seen those ads for curly hair products that show girls looking like they stuck their finger in a light socket? Trust us that is no exaggeration. It can make you want to scream seeing your curls looking like a Frankenstein project but there is help.

Curly hair already tends to be dry so avoid products that can cause more dryness. Always flip a product over before purchasing it and look over the ingredients list. Avoid products that contain and include alcohol, sulfates and salt. These ingredients are not your friends and need to be treated like enemies. They have the ability to damage and dry out curls. Therefore, if you see a product containing them just sit the product back on the shelf and back away.

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Best Curly Hair Tips

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