Beauty Question: Can Facial Scrubs Damage My Skin?

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Beauty Question Can Facial Scrubs Damage My Skin

Beauty Answer: As much as we would like to say all scrubs are harmless and do exactly what they advertise the truth is we cannot. Like many products its not the idea behind the product that’s bad, it’s what is in it. Do you know what is in your favorite facial scrub?

We always recommend taking a closer look at the ingredients contained in your beauty products. These days it is not always wise to simply grab anything off the beauty aisle before taking a deeper look into things. Speaking of deep the whole reason why women use facial scrubs is to deep cleanse their skin. In order for this deeper cleansing to take place a coarse texture is needed to exfoliate the skin which involves the removal of dead skin cells.

Nevertheless, many mainstream products contain jagged particles made from walnut or apricot seeds. At first, that could sound quite harmless, safe and all natural. However, those particles do not cleanse skin but rather cause tiny incisions in your skin. The little bitty cuts may not be noticeable, but they are big enough to allow bacteria to seep in and wreck havoc.

What could be the result from these tiny skin tears? Such cuts could lead to inflammation, redness and yikes… more blemishes! Therefore, it is important to only use products that contain ingredients that are safe and nourish skin.

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