Beauty Question: Are Alcohol-Based Toners Good For Oily Skin?

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Beauty Question Are Alcohol-Based Toners Good For Oily Skin

Beauty Answer: Whether your skin is more prone to be oily or not it is highly recommended to avoid alcohol-based toners at all cost. We know it can be quite tempting to opt for products that seem to really be doing a bang up job in the skincare department. Many consumers love the feeling alcohol-based toners give their skin after use  which is why they buy them. In a toner, alcohol is the ingredient that gives skin a taut or tight feeling as though the skin is now extremely clean. Nevertheless, is that what it is truly accomplishing?

Sorry to burst another beauty bubble, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Alcohol is an extremely drying element that has the ability to wreak havoc on your skin and cause oily skin to be more slick. Since the alcohol sucks up your skin’s precious moisture the skin then turns around and increases oil production in order to fix the problem. Therefore, if your goal is to be less oily avoiding ingredients that are very drying is the key.

Beauty Question Are Alcohol-Based Toners Good For Oily Skin2