Beauty Bakerie Sugar Cookies Palette- Sweeten Your Eye Makeup Look!

Beauty Bakerie Sugar Cookies Palette
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Ahhhhh Suga Suga! BB is at it again y’all, helping us to cook up makeup looks our doting fans and SOs deserve (LOL). What is available to cop? The decadently scrumptious Beauty Bakerie Sugar Cookies Palette! A nine pan palette that features eye-popping shades of stunning mattes and shimmers! Oh la la!

As if the packaging on this palette wasn’t cute enough. The names of all the tones that come in it are so adorable it hurts. All nine palette tone names are:

  1. Cookie Shots
  2. Milk Bar
  3. Dip Baby Dip
  4. Stash Yo Chips
  5. Cookie Jar
  6. Even Exchange
  7. Crumb Evidence
  8. Holiyum
  9. Just One More



Those names really describe our 3 a.m cravings! Nonetheless, despite this eye makeup product being beyond pleasingly pretty; it also comes with a lot benefits that any beauty lover will ADORE! Benefits ranging from formulation to performance. Beauty Bakerie’s Sugar Cookies Palette is:

  • Made with Organic & unrefined Shea Butter!
  • Smells like chocolate!
  • Matte & shimmer shades.
  • Versatile-colorful and neutral eye looks!
  • Buildable
  • Highly pigmented
  • Blends Seamlessly
  • Long Lasting
  • Smudge Proof
  • Cruelty Free
  • Paraben Free

Beauty Bakerie Sugar Cookies Palette- Sweeten Your Eye Makeup Look!


Beauty Bakerie Sugar Cookies Palette


What was the inspiration behind this super cute and boisterous eye palette? Well, Beauty Bakerie CEO and Founder, Cashmere Nicole, states,

“I love looks that have contrasting elements to them. Bolds paired with neutrals or shimmers paired with earth tones. Not to mention that I’ve added real, unrefined shea butter to the formulas to help nourish the eyelids. The bold and comfy tones paired with the nurturing element of shea butter satiates our desire to wear color and also achieve our SelfCare Goals! Sugar Cookies is a win!”

She had us at sugar and cookies, but we have to agree that contrasting hues of color are so glamorous! Nonetheless, the Beauty Bakierie brand had a little more delicious info to share about this release. In regards to the Sugar Cookies Palette the brand reveals,

“Let’s break up the monotony and leave out some Sugar Cookies overnight. Maybe it will be tough with a sweet tooth like yours. Doesn’t matter the cookies, it never survived around me. Using both mattes and shimmers, show us a celebration on your eyes! Have a cookie short or change it up by toasting with a glass of milk for no reason other than just being alive and able! I mean, it is after all a SWEET LIFE!

Use a blending brush or fluffy brush for seamless blending. Mix these shades for added shimmer and color.”

Bring Home the Goods Baby!


Beauty Bakerie Sugar Cookies Palette


Would you just take a moment and look at the pic above. Seriously, how gorgeous is that shade? A MUST HAVE. This palette is just too sweet to pass up!

Want to add it to your makeup bag? Head on over to in order to pick up all of your goodies! Currently, the Sugar Cookies palette retails for a yummy $28.

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