Will Trims Make My Hair Grow Faster?

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will getting trims make my hair grow faster

There are a lot of hair myths out there when it comes to hair growth and the techniques that work. One that you are probably very familiar with is, “Getting your hair trimmed regularly will make your tresses grow like weeds!” Is this myth true or false?

Trimming your strands will not make your hair grow any faster, but it will prevent damage to your tresses such as split ends from spreading. Split ends work against hair growth, instead of progressing to longer lengths of hair, strands continue splitting up the shaft until they are dealt with properly. The only way to remove split ends is to cut them off.

So then, how often should you trim your ends? This really depends on the health of your hair and your maintenance routine. Many women do not require trims very often because of the care they take with their hair. Nevertheless, a good rule of thumb is about every two months or 6-8 weeks.

will getting trims make my hair grow faster2