Trend-Geeky Glasses

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Erykah Badu

Erykah Badu

Kanye West

Kanye West

When we were young a lot of us cared about our appearance and being
one of the cool kids in school. We tried to wear the latest shoes,
clothing, accessories as well as hairstyles. I remember doing school shopping
and being so tired afterwards because it was like a work out, since
I needed my back to school outfit to be on point.
We all felt sorry for the geeky kids that seemed to
lack style because they were too preoccupied with one of their
fifteen million clubs they were involved in and could careless about the latest trends.
Which was in actuality the smart thing or move, because hey, you need schooling children.

Fast forward and now things have changed the whole geek look is “in” especially in the way of glasses. It seems that everywhere from the runway, award shows,
and even street wear it is as if we are bringing geeky back. So then, I guess
instead of following the latest pop band fashion trends when we were
kids we should have just looked at the school geeks. Therefore, if you’re in
school instead of asking your fellow nerdy classmate what the question to number #1 is on the science test; why not ask them were they got their outfit instead. They just might know a thing or two about fashion.