TRAEDONYA! The Bride Of New Funk Hipopera

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Is it us or is Traedonya! the female version of Maxwell? Check out her music, TRAEDONYA! – Simply Beautiful UR – feat. Irish Soulfower

A wonderful song with a fantastic relaxed 4am remix – my fave for the club is the lthrboots rmx. Sexy performance and a fine soulful production.
– Nick (DJ/Producer, Germany)

TRAEDONYA! is an international party girl.

She loves her passport, loves collecting stamps at foreign ports and loves living out of her bag. From rocking some of the UK and Irelands’s most legendary stages to being the headlining artist at Couture designer Sir Paco Rabanne’s Moscow art unveiling, her distinct sound and divine melody have earned her attention around the globe, including the over 40 markets she has toured in the United States.

Born in North Carolina and raised between the South, New York, and the West Indies, TRAEDONYA! has been witness to some of the most diverse rhythms of cultures, music, and people.

It is this that truly makes her own style so memorable.

TRAEDONYA! Sings The Blues

If you ask her now, she’ll tell you her musical influences range from the unforgettable classics of artists like Mary J. Blige and Billy Holiday to the underground sounds of Drum-n-Bass, 2 Step Garage, and Trance. It is this diversity that TRAEDONYA! always brings to the table.

Coming from a formal musical background and learning from such jazz greats as Chico Hamilton, Reggie Workman and Bernard Purdie, TRAEDONYA!’s voice reflects a professional, sophisticated urban sound in a scene often flooded with generic, commercial beats.

Currently, TRAEDONYA!’s music can be heard all around the globe, from Europe to Asia and beyond. Her new single “I’ll Giv It 2 U” has reached the top 10 on the Indonesian Charts and has been released to worldwide critical praise.

With passion for music as her guide, TRAEDONYA! continues to move and inspire the next generation of music lovers, and only time will tell where the sound will take her.

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