Top 5 BET Awards 2017 Performances - From Bruno Mars to Future!

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BET Awards 2017 Performances

The BET Awards is the livest party of the year! The ceremony is always bringing out the stars as well as being the home of unforgettable performances! However, there were a few who took the BET Awards 2017 performances to new levels. Yes, every artist did their thing and jammed. However, five particular performances had us screaming and left wanting more!

The best part? We have them all for you to enjoy again and again! Without further delay here are the top5  BET Awards 2017 performances.

Top 5 BET Awards 2017 Performances – From Bruno Mars to Future!

  1. Bruno Mars- Opens the Show! Leave to Bruno Mars to kill it and bring the heat. The 24K singer surprised us all by kicking off the 2017 BET Awards festivities. Being such a huge draw we assumed that Mars would not appear till much later in the show. Nevertheless, boy were we wrong and you know what they say when you assume things. Check out Bruno’s high energy performance which has absolutely no quit from start to finish. And oh yeah, get ready to cheer (wink, wink)!


2. Xscape Brings Vocals Back- Good lordt! It has been so long since we have heard live, strong vocals and harmonies that we almost forgot what it sounds like. R&B group Xscape gave the world a quick remember by performing a few of their biggest hits from the 90’s.

3. Big Sean Goes Tech– We are all for artists showing some creative ingenuity. Big Sean infused his performance with an exhilarating display of visual effects. During this performance you will find yourself doing a double take!

4. Future Takes the Mask Off- Seriously one of the sickest songs of 2017! Future performs his hit on a stage that gives off “Phantom of the Opera” vibes. The look is a little different than what we are used to seeing from Future, but we love it!

Top 5 BET Awards 2017 Performances – And We Have a Tie!

The performances were so lit this year it was hard to narrow them down! After a few spirited conversations, a couple blocks and un-blocks on Instagram (we playing LOL) we believe we have settled on the right list. However, choosing the best of the night just could not end in anything but a tie. Who rules supreme?

An R&B group that has been in the game for decades and a hip hop group that likes it women to be Bad and Boujie! Both performances were amazing. New Edition clearly demonstrated why their music is standing the test of time and BET biopic pulled in over 30 million viewers.

Why did we love Migos? Man… real talk… it proved why we love our people, culture and award shows. Migos brought out the fun in EVERYONE in the building. The audience was out of their seats, in aisle ways and just plain getting it. The Migos performance is just something you have to see to believe. Click that play button and you will see what we mean.

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