Throwback Thursday: Janet Jackson MTV Icon Show

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throwback thursday janet jackson mtv icon

Okay so some of you reading this right now were literally not alive or too young to remember when this happened and we ourselves can’t believe this occurred 13 years ago! Roll back time with us to March of 2001, the year Janet Jackson released her All For You album (which was and had an Icon Award Show dedicated to just her courtesy of MTV network.

Janet gave the crowd a real thrill at the end of show when she came out in her ripped crop top, half jacket that was just too cool for school and white evolution jeans. She performed the title song of her LP and it was simply amazing. We still remember dancing along with the TV trying to pick up the routine so we could jam with our girls at school the next day. Ah, great times as well as memories and Janet still looks just as amazing now! Jackson and MTV thanks for the awesome show many moons ago and it is still our music prayer that Janet will release new music soon. Only time shall tell…

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Hair Notes: We can’t help ourselves, we have to talk hair, fashion or beauty no matter what the post is about (LOL). We failed to mention earlier that we were also coveting Janet’s highlighted wavy locks back in the day. Celebrity hair stylist Larry Sims hooked Janet up with this head turner hairstyle. Be sure to follow Larry on the Gram to get inspired even more when it comes to tresses.