The Black Harvard Law Grads That Are Breaking the Internet

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The Black Harvard Law Grads That Are Breaking the Internet2

We recently came across a snapshot of a group of gorgeous women that we strongly felt the need to share. It is not because the women were scantily clad or doing something scandalous that would gain much gossip mag attention. Nevertheless, these women are moving mountains so to speak in another positive and uplifting way. All of them are proving that black women are not some stereotypical media conception but are intelligent, beautiful and improving the community.

What does every last woman in the photograph have in common? All of the women that you see graduated from Law School and not just any school, Harvard Law School. If you are wondering just how much of a feat this moment in time really is please take a moment to chew on the following fact. As of 2013 the acceptance rate or odds of even getting into Harvard Law School was 15.6%.

Moreover, you have to be a very smart young woman to even be considered. Harvard released acceptance stats indicating that attendees needed a GPA of 3.75 or higher and a score of 170 or above on their LSAT. Therefore, these young women have proven that they have the educational chops to be the very best in their field of study.

To see so many bright, beaming faces of black women who are proving the critics wrong in turns helps us all to keep pushing forward. Do not believe the headlines… we are not uneducated, drainers of governmental provisions. We are strong women that are making a difference even if mainstream media does not like to project it. To our young ladies reading this post always remember that you can do anything that your heart desires. Work hard, study hard and work together with others to reach your goals. Like the ladies in the photo there is absolutely no reason to hate there is plenty of room for all of us at the top.

The Black Harvard Law Grads That Are Breaking the Internet

Fun Fact: Michelle and her hubby Barack Obama both are Harvard Law alumni.

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