The Best Of Whitney Houston Live DVD/CD Set

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The Best Of Whitney Houston2

She said she would always love us, but the truth is we will always love her. Whitney Houston made us dance with somebody, let us know it wasn’t right but it was okay and helped us shout to the masses that we were every woman. Houston’s achievements could fill libraries ranging from her successful modeling career being the first black woman on Seventeen magazine to starring in hit movies opposite Angela Bassett, Kevin Costner and Denzel Washington.

Whitney’s music career is the storybook tale that little girl’s dream of while singing with their microphone hair brushes. Numerous hits and more stellar performances that could be counted on both hands Whitney was an once in a lifetime talent. Nevertheless, now fans can recount and view the instances Whitney blew us all away with her gigantic, melodic vocals.

Clive Davis has pulled together a DVD/CD set which includes Houston’s performances at the peak of her career. Therefore, see the legendary vocalist as we all remember her…lovely as well as sweet, talented and everything in-between.

Fun Fact: Did you know that Beyonce would have to sell another 65 million records to match Whitney’s record sales?

The Best Of Whitney Houston

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