Russell Wilson Beautifully Thanks Family After 2017 Playoff Loss

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Russell Wilson and Ciara Wilson is already giving us 2017 relationship goals! The adorable couple demonstrated how they are really down for each other through thick and thin. Good times as well as the bad. What happened you ask? It was a battle of the birds. Wilson and his Seahawks team members battled it out during a NFL playoff game against the Atlanta, Falcons. Unfortunately, Wilson and crew came up short experiencing a tough loss that officially knocks them out of the Superbowl picture. Nevertheless, instead on focusing on the negative Russell chose to look at the glass half full. Russell Wilson Beautifully Thanks Family After 2017 Playoff Loss and its totally giving us the feels.

Russell Wilson Beautifully Thanks Family After 2017 Playoff Loss

So what did Russell say after his game? He stated, “I will forever win because I get to come home to you every night. The love of my life. I love you. This past year has been full of so much joy and happiness. From getting married to having our little  one on the way, to your constant endless love. I couldn’t be more grateful to have you in my life Mrs. Wilson. YOU make everyday a perfect day.

I’m so grateful for my family! This year is going to be an exciting year because of love and new beginnings! Grateful for you three! I will forever cherish the love we all share together! Jesus is an amazing God! I thank Him everyday for bringing us together and I will forever cherish our loving family.”

Hang on… we just need a Kleenex. Ah, man… one more! Whew, okay and back. Now didn’t he just totally wax poetic? Moreover, if things couldn’t even more romantic Ciara responded in kind with a short simple message. She said, “No greater blessing than having family. We’re proud of you Russell Wilson.”

Yes CiCi support your Boo! We admire the love you show your gorgeous wife Russ and we cannot wait to see you playing again next season. Enjoy your time off with the fambam!

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