Rihanna SledgeHammer First Ever IMAX Music Video Release

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Rihanna Star Trek Beyond SledgeHammer Music Video2

The music industry is constantly evolving and changing. Music used to be sold by albums but now consumers prefer to purchase by the single. Television networks used to be the place to see and view new music videos. However, now people hit up Youtube. Nevertheless, 2016 is ushering in a new order when it comes to music videos and releases. The Rihanna SledgeHammer First Ever IMAX Music Video Release is definitely one for the history books!

Rihanna SledgeHammer First Ever IMAX Music Video Release

Rihanna already made history this year with her music. Her single, Work, pushed her ahead of the great Michael Jackson. Hence, Rihanna’s hit song with Drake gave her more number ones than the gloved one. That piece of information is actually quite fitting for this post.

First of all, no one can deny that MJ completely revolutionized music videos. Michael Jackson’s Thriller was the first music video shot with choreographed dancers. His formula is still copied today. Today’s artist still make mini movie videos with a gang of dancers behind them.

Michael Jackson in the 80’s completely set the pattern and style for music videos. Is Rihanna about to change the mold and model for music video releases? Her SledgeHammer music video just might.

Rihanna SledgeHammer First Ever IMAX Music Video Release

SledgeHammer Music Video

Tomorrow morning (June 30, 2016) for the first time in history, IMAX will exclusively premiere a music video in theaters. SledgeHammer is being released first to IMAX at 9AM Eastern time and later to other outlets. Everyone else will have to wait till 10AM Eastern to see it. Tidal and Vevo will premiere the video an hour after IMAX.

This move could open the floodgates and creativity when viewing music videos. If successful more artists are bound to jump on the bandwagon. Who knows watching hours of music videos at the theater could be on tap. Furthermore, videos that are shot in true 3D could be premiered. We’re excited to see what happens in the future!

Song Details

SledgeHammer is a ballad that was written by Sia. Sia has also written and developed hits for Rihanna in the past. If you love the song, Diamonds then you will love SledgeHammer. The song is performed by Rihanna and shows off a huge vocal range. SledgeHammer is the theme song for Star Trek Beyond.

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