Holy Badgal! Rihanna Good Girl Gone Bad Album Turns 10!

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Rihanna Good Girl Gone Bad Album Turns 10

Did someone throw a clock out of a window or something?! It is so hard to believe that an entire decade has flashed before our eyes since Rih first became a “Badgal.” However, our loves it is all very true. Rihanna’s Good Girl Gone Bad Album Turns 10 this year and we still can’t figured out where the time went!

Rihanna Good Girl Gone Bad Album Turns 10

We thought it might be best to refresh your memories a little. Do you remember any of the songs on the Rihanna Good Girl Gone Bad Album? We were able to name a couple, but have some fun, take some guesses and quiz your friends. You will find the complete song list below:

  1. Umbrella
  2. Push Up on Me
  3. Don’t Stop the Music
  4. Breakin’ Dishes
  5. Shut Up and Drive
  6. Hate That I Love You
  7. Say It
  8. Sell Me Candy
  9. Lemme Get That
  10. Rehab
  11. Question Existing
  12. Good Girl Gone Bad
  13. Cry
  14. Haunted

Rihanna shared a few words with fans about the album’s ten year anniversary. She states:

“10 years ago I released a body of work that would change the course of my life and career in ways I still can’t grasp! To my fans… you have truly supported and nurtured my journey and I’m forever grateful to you for making it such a wild ride so far. And I look forward to our journey ahead.

Once a good girl go bad, she gone forever! Good Girl Gone Bad, 10th anniversary.”

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