Rihanna Becomes Creative Director of Puma

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rihanna creative director of puma gig3

Congratulations to the always stylish Rihanna on her new gig as the creative director of sportswear brand Puma. Rihanna utilized her Instagram account to announce to the masses her new fashion job. The singer posted several photos with one being captioned:

“the face you make when you the Creative Director of a sportswear company #PUMA”

RiRi looked stunning in white couture, fur and pearls as she visited the Puma headquarters in Germany. Rihanna’s future responsibilities will not just stop with her position as Creative Director, she will also serve as the face of their 2015 ad campaign and be Puma’s global ambassador. Whew! A lot of work but we are confident Rihanna will get it all done while looking quite fabulous.

rihanna creative director of puma gig

Beauty Notes: Rihanna rocked a mean red lip that popped perfectly without drowning out the rest of her makeup.

rihanna creative director of puma gig2