Skai Jackson Supports No Kid Hungry Initiative - Keeping Kids Fed

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No Kid Hungry

Children are starving… right here in the United States. A very sad social issue which only seems to be becoming a bigger and larger issue by the day. Actress Skai Jackson is teaming up GNKH (Generation NO Kid Hungry) and their No Kid Hungry campaign in order to not only shed more light on this frightening problem, but fix it.

Skai Jackson Supports No Kid Hungry Initiative – Keeping Kids Fed

GNKH (Generation No Kid Hungry) is a non-profit organization ( based in Washington, District of Columbia. The organization’s motto is, “We will be the Generation to end childhood hunger in America. Our time. Our cause.”

No Kid Hungry

Certainly a tall order when looking at a few pointed stats. For instance, did you know that 1 in 6 kids in America are hungry? Furthermore, are you aware that 48% of low-income families can’t afford enough food each month?

No Kid Hungry

May be hard at times to think that is what is currently the state of America. However, it is and some such as Skai Jackson hope to fight it. Jackson recently explained her reasons for joining in the No Kid Hungry campaign. The actress says,

“It’s hard for me to focus if I’m hungry. When No Kid Hungry talked to teens my age, I learned that so many of them are struggling with hunger. Being a teen is hard. It’s even harder when you’re hungry.

No Kid Hungry

Join me in supporting No Kid Hungry to help kids and teens around the country get the food they need.”

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No Kid Hungry No Kid Hungry