Nicki Minaj Visits The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

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Nicki Minaj Visits The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Hip hop artist Nicki Minaj took time out of her extremely busy schedule in order to show compassion and support for children undergoing very trying circumstances. For instance, Minaj brought comfort to Zion Harris who made headlines this week as being the youngest patient to receive a double hand transplant. This young man had lost both of his hands at the tender age of two due to a gangrene infection.

The double hand transplant was performed by a team of 40 hospital personnel and took 11 hours to complete. Zion is doing quite well and is learning how to use his new hands. So far Harris is able to make small movements as well as lifting small objects.

Nicki Minaj Visits The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia2

Nevertheless, Minaj has been promoting her newest LP The Pinkprint through a multi-city tour. Before performing at a venue in New Jersey Nicki made her way to comfort Zion and other patients at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Even though Minaj went there to encourage young children she gained much out of the experience herself. Nicki said to her fans via social media,

“If you need something to do in your spare time, try this… I left feeling so inspired by these incredibly strong, beautiful, dynamic children. Pray for them, you guys. They would’ve melted your heart.”

We hope that Zion and all the other patients continue to get well soon. Also, a big shout out to Nicki Minaj for giving back her time and love to such wonderful kids!

Nicki Minaj Visits The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia3

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