Naomi Limited Edition Allen Jones Taschen Biography

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Naomi Limited Edition Allen Jones Taschen Biography

We are living for Naomi Campbell‘s new book entitled, Naomi! Noami is actually a two volume collection showcasing her nearly 30 year career in the modeling industry. Volume one is an eye-catching photographic masterpiece that timelines Campbell’s life work from past to present. Volume two is more biographical in nature underscoring Naomi’s beginnings and rise to stardom.  Naomi is the newest book gearing up for release by Taschen that highlights the life of a renown supermodel. Taschen has also sold volumes chronicling the lives of models Cindy Crawford and Christie Brinkley.

Naomi Limited Edition Allen Jones Taschen Biography2

Nevertheless, with a career that has outlasted models half her age and is still going strong. Campbell can proudly and rightfully tote her work as being brilliant and timeless. From her multitude of editorials, covers to ad campaigns Naomi incorporates every last project Campbell has been apart of during her profession. Perusing page after page about such a hard-working, dedicated and glamorous woman is sure to be a captivating read. Taschen states in regards to the limited edition Naomi,

“Signed by the supermodel herself, this two-volume edition celebrates the remarkable career of the one and only Miss Campbell, as styled and shot by the legends of photography and fashion. The result is an encounter of jaw-dropping beauty, as well as a fascinating journey through 30 years of fashion.”

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This week Naomi also did press for her book release. She talked it up with the ladies of The View revealing that her biography will be ready for purchase beginning on April 7th. Besides, the content we are enthralled with the limited edition design that 1,000 fortunate souls will be able to claim as their very own. Pop art extrordinaire, Allen Jones, designed the spectacular packaging. It resembles a bust in the likeness of Campbell. Jones described his artwork as “a box that did not attempt to illustrate Naomi, but to encapsulate her.” In a recent interview with Garage magazine Naomi spoke of her book saying,

“The book is a culmination of my life’s work. It includes all that I’ve done in the fashion business for the past 29½ years. The book is a timeline of my career, and has allowed me to remember and give credit to all the wonderful people I’ve had the pleasure of working with over the years. Because of this, it’s very special to me. It took quite a few years to put this book together, because we didn’t want to rush it. It was important both to Benedikt Taschen and I to find all of my pictures and compile them into two really beautiful books…Working with Benedikt was a great experience – I love and respect him, and I wouldn’t have wanted to create a book like this with anyone else. For me, it was a dream come true.”

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Ingenious design if we may say and it is amazing that Naomi’s work has been collected together in one place for all to marvel. If you would like a limited edition copy signed by the supermodel herself you may purchase here. The limited edition will be available next month and retails for $1750.

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