Monday Coffee: Nathan Owens

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Monday Coffee Nathan Owens3

MMmm we needed something to wake us up on this cloudy Monday morning in socal! What better to do the trick than to have a hot cup of coffee. Who’s flavor are we wanting to throw in our mug this week? Model Nathan Owens seems mighty sweet to us…and goodness just google the man and you will see what we mean. We will keep this post PG but trust it was difficult because it is clear that homie is NOT shy on camera at all LOL. We hope this post wakes you up a little and gives you the jolt you need to get through your day.

BTW did you know that Nate is not just a model but is also well-known for portraying Dr. Cameron on Days of Our Lives? Meet us back here at the 1966 coffee shop next week for more juicy gossip!

Monday Coffee Nathan Owens2 Monday Coffee Nathan OwensMonday Coffee Nathan Owens4