Meek Mill Gives Nicki Minaj 'Flawless' Ring

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Meek Mill Gives Nicki Minaj 'Flawless' Ring

Here we go again people! This is the second time this year that we have had to wonder if Nicki and Meek were going next level. Back in April Nicki took Instagram by storm by posting a simple pic of her hand accompanied by a MASSIVE bling bling ring. That photo went on to receive over 700k likes and sparked a fire in the rumor mill that took some time to officially go out.

Well, Nicki Minaj sure knows how to stir the pot because a second hand photo has emerged showcasing yet another insanely gigantic diamond ring! Now when we say that this ring is big, trust us it is like break yo’ finger clear off big. It literally takes up the entire width of her finger. Being the fashion conscious chicks we are for these reasons we had to report on this ring sighting.

Nevertheless, neither party has come right out to confirm if this ring serves as a sign of their official engagement. We are guessing that only time shall tell as well as Minaj’s future IG posts. Nicki has chosen to post two pictures showing off her bling just one day after turning 33. She captioned the photos saying,

“Now this is what I’m talking about baby. Lol. Love u… This stone is flawless. (My voice) lol”

Yes, the stone is flawless but can we also give it up one time for those red nails? Those babies do not look half bad either! Nevertheless, Minaj’s fans had some thoughts on the photos as well stating:

Yessssss Nicki congrats

Aww that’s sweet

Wish I had it

So big it cutting her circulation off

Good god

That ring tho

Omg is this real?!!! They are engaged?! That ring

Therefore, it would seem that one and all has the same thought on the matter… engagement. Ladies, you know how it goes when anyone gets engaged, everyone always wants to see the ring (LOL). So then, take a look and share your stylish thoughts with us by dropping a comment down low or hit us up on our Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr or tweet us @1966magazine.

Meek Mill Gives Nicki Minaj 'Flawless' Ring2