Massaging the Face and Scalp

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A good massage can be very relaxing and should not be taken for granted. Massage not only feels good but provides a ton of health benefits as well. A little kneading can go a long way in improving the condition of your face and scalp.

Kimera Ahnert, who is the owner of a skin-care studio in New York City says, “Massage increases blood flow, which plumps up slack skin, encourages lymphatic drainage (the shuttling of toxins out and away from cells so that more nutrients can travel in), and adds vitality to a dull complexion and lackluster hair.” Rubbing the face with steady, rhythmic pressure in certain areas leads the blood to fully infuse the skin tissue, leaving it nourished and glowing. Moreover, massaging the face in an upward motion can also help prevent sagging.

When it comes to hair maintenance many women forget to attend to their scalp. Forgetting the scalp is a big mistake because the health and vitality of your scalp is the foundation of your hair’s growth and health. Nevertheless, massage can help boost blood flow reducing dandruff.