Lifetime Presents The Toni Braxton Story

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Lifetime Presents The Toni Braxton Story

She has sold millions of records, toured, successfully launched a comeback and now the beauty known as Toni Braxton will have her story told via a new made for TV film. Can you guess what network will be bringing Braxton’s life to the small screen? If you guessed the makers of the Aaliyah movie you are right in the ball park.

Television network, Lifetime, has come under major heat for movie portrayals gone awry such as in the case of the late Aaliyah. From casting to not having musical licensing Lifetime had a lot to overcome, but came out of the fire thanks to a more successful bio-pic based on Whitney Houston which was directed by the talented Angela Bassett. Therefore, all eagerly await to see how and what Lifetime will pull together in order to make Braxton’s movie a must-see.

Lifetime Presents The Toni Braxton Story2

In all honesty, Lifetime has quite the story to work with being that Toni has been through more than most supestar singers. Besides her famous hairstyle that had women lopping off their locks all through the 90s; her powerful journey includes bankruptcy, a record label feud, motherhood, painful divorce and an amazing comeback at the hands of a reality TV show as well as Las Vegas tour. What would of broke most, only made Toni Braxton more determined, resilient and unstoppable. Her talent really did win out and in a huge way.

Braxton has signed off for Lifetime to produce the film adapting and shaping her memoir Un-Break My Heart as the basis of the movie. Toni will also be one of the executive producers which will no doubt help to ensure that her story is related correctly. Production is set to begin at the end of 2015 so it will be ready for music lovers very soon.

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