How to Tuck Jeans into Boots

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For the past few years women have been seen wearing their jeans tucked into their boots. This is a style that can either be flattering or look completely wrong. To get the look right when wearing skinny jeans follow these no fail tips.

It’s important to wear boots that have some room at the shaft since you will also be wearing socks. The perfect socks to pull off this look would be slim socks that are not bunchy and that are mid calf length. After putting on your skinny jeans the trick is to tuck your jeans into your socks first and then put on your boots. This will give you are more streamlined and clean look.

If you wish to wear shorter boots be mindful of your pants and socks length. If your socks are too long fold them so that they do not peek out. If your pants are too long you can fold them under so that the underside doesn’t show. Nevertheless, if you don’t have skinny jeans then boot cut jeans will work just as well. However, do not use bell bottoms are flairs because you will not like the outcome.