Halle Berry and Michael Kors Team Up to End Hunger

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michael kors and halle berry team up to end hunger

If you read a few stats regarding global hunger, the numbers may shock you. The thought of everyone not having even one meal  a day is simply heart-breaking. Actress Halle Berry and fashion designer Michael Kors have teamed up to help give aid to those in need.

Kors and Berry are working fervently to spread the word regarding the #WatchHungerStop campaign. Michael has designed a 100 series watch to help increase funds for this movement. For every watch sold 100 meals will be donated to the World Food Programme.

In regards to the World Food Programme Kors says, “I think the amazing thing about the hunger initiative with the World Food Programme is that everyone has the possibility to pitch in,” Kors says. “You don’t have to be wealthy. You don’t have to be a certain age. You don’t have to live in a certain geographical area. Everyone can really contribute.”

Did you know that just $5 can keep a child fed for an entire month? Due to this fact, besides buying watches one and all can donate just $5 at a Michael Kors store or text MKHUNGER to 50555.

michael kors and halle berry team up to end hunger3michael kors and halle berry team up to end hunger2