Get Your Hair Wet Part 1

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Let’s be honest, there’s going to be a group of ladies at the beach or at a pool party looking like a dime and none of them will have ANY desire to get their hair wet. Do you or can we blame them? Well, no we all know that doing your hair especially in the summer months can be quite the challenge. However, we want to break the mold this year, lets get our hair wet!

Okay so now that the movement has officially begun, we are going to need a game plan. How can we look our best even while frolicking around with our best buds? This series is all about how to do just that while protecting your tresses at the same time.

This first tip is on how to protect your hair while at a pool party. The sun is already going to do some damage (more on that later), but the chlorine is going to be your biggest foe especially if you dye your locks. To protect your tresses you will have to fight water with water. Say what? We repeat you will have to wet your hair before you even get in the pool to get wet.

When it comes to water your hair acts like a sponge, so whatever is the first liquid it is exposed to that’s the one it is going to slurp up. Therefore, wetting your hair with regular water first ensures that your locks will not absorb much chlorinated water. Well. this is only the beginning girls be sure to check back for more tips.

Summary: Wet your hair with tap water first to protect it from chlorine. Chlorine causes build up on hair and can discolor it.

Get your hair wet part 1