Flashback Friday: Toni Braxton Wins Big at 43rd Annual Grammys

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Toni Braxton 43rd Annual Grammys

Toni Toni Toni! No, not the group (and yeah it was spelled different anyway HaHa) we are talking about the sexy songtress, Toni Braxton. To us she will always be one of the queens of the “ballad” who had more hits than Babe Ruth.

Before any wardrobe malfunctions became a big deal, celebrities would freely wear plunging necklines and splits longer than a football field. One dress that shall forever be imprinted into our minds was a white gown made famous by Braxton back in the day. Toni Braxton made jaws drop in a Richard Tyler creation when she accepted her award for “He Wasn’t Man Enough for Me” at the 43rd Annual Grammys. To this day we’re not quite sure how the dress stayed on and we are confident only Toni could of pulled it off. Therefore, today we are flashing back to a style risk taker who could sing her bottom off…which looked good in any dress.

Toni Braxton 43rd Annual Grammys2