Eyelash Curler Benefits

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The benefits of an eyelash curler can go a long way. This simple, must-have tool gives your lashes a lift in minutes, making your eyes appear super-sized, says makeup artist to the stars Tina Turnbow. By using eyelash curlers you can create a dramatic look without the aid of makeup, especially if you have straight lashes or those that grow downward shielding your eyes.

Turnbow says curling your eyelashes will make you look instantly more awake. However, using an eyelash curler takes a little know how. Before you begin, make sure eyelashes are clean, dry and free of mascara.

Begin by opening the curler and with your eyes open, place your upper lashes in-between. Position the curler near the end of your lashes and gently clamp down. Hold the curler in place for 10 seconds and repeat as necessary.