Editor's Diary: Target's Coconut Oil For Beauty and Hair

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Editor's Diary Target's Coconut Oil For Beauty and Hair

Dear Diary,

As I was getting ready for an end of summer party I stumbled across a major find at Target! While scrolling the food aisles I noticed that Target sales coconut oil, pure coconut oil. The good ol’ white stuff not the watered down or manipulated versions that you will normally find at a beauty supply store.

If you live in an area like mine, finding certain hair products can be a pain to say the least. You will just not find them no matter where you decide to search for them. Moreover, many coconut oil products have several other ingredients in them besides the coconut oil not making the product all natural or truly legit.

Editor's Diary Target's Coconut Oil For Beauty and Hair2

Real, pure coconut oil does wonders not just for your hair but skin too. When I have been able to get my hands on some I grew my hair over 3 inches in just 4 and a half months! Coconut also has kept my skin soft and supple which these watered down lotions cannot always do.

Here is a quick video of the different brands and oils found at Target:

Too excited for words and if you have been on the hunt like me for coconut oil you may want to try your local Target.

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