Editor's Diary: Sahara Dress by For Love & Lemons

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Editor's Diary Sahara Dress by For Love & Lemons

Dear Diary,

You know I try SO hard not to fall in love with various brands because I can’t help but purchase their amazing fashions! However, it has happened… my couture crush with For Love & Lemons has turned into a full blown love affair. All it took was an ethereal white dress that has the charm of summer and a Disney fairy all wrapped up together.

California style is super laid back because most of the time the sun is shining, its warm and therefore we want to be comfortable. The Sahara dress was made for the California fashionista because you get style with a relaxed fit. This is the perfect flowing dress especially during August when we experience our hottest temps out here. The color white gives off such a classy, sophisticated vibe yet thanks to the design of the Sahara the dress remains youthful.

I am not the only gal who has fallen in love with the For Love & Lemons brand. There are plenty of ladies in the public eye you cannot seem to get enough either. Stylish ladies such as Joan Smalls, Ashanti and Chanel Iman have all rocked For Love & Lemons proudly and well.

That is all for now I just needed to confess LOL

Love Always,

Arianne xoxo

Editor's Diary Sahara Dress by For Love & Lemons2

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