Editor's Diary: Graphic Tees

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1966 Magazine Editor's Diary Graphic Tees Arianne and Alicia

You asked to know about our personal tastes in style, beauty and hair so we are excited to share! Therefore, how do we add a little pep to our laid back style step? Graphic tees have long been a favorite of ours and even during the autumn and winter seasons we like to bring them out to up the fun factor.

Alicia: Personally, I haven’t always been a fan of straight up t-shirts, they need to have a little something extra, something that draws the eye in and keeps it there.

Arianne: Graphic tees are like a party on a shirt, when it’s good and popping no one can resist it! I think they can really add to an outfit without feeling like you have too much going on.

Alicia: Party on a shirt? Nice… (laughter) Well, right now I’m in love with the graphic tee that I picked up while visiting ShowroomG in downtown L.A. My tee is of a queen who looks like she demands mad respect. I firmly believe in dressing for your mood. If you feel confident dress like it! If not, wear something that makes you feel that way and I bet you’ll walk with your head a little higher.

Arianne: I like to pair my tees with everything from pants to skirts even during winter. For some reason when it gets colder I instantly become addicted to plaid. I don’t know why, but the more tees I can find to match my addiction and fill my closet…man I’m just a happy girl.

1966 Magazine Editor's Diary Graphic Tees Arianne and Alicia1966 Magazine Editor's Diary Graphic Tees Arianne and Alicia

Like Alicia’s graphic tee? It’s by Wazaa Ardhi, learn more by checking out this lifestyle brand at waoapparrel.com or their IG: @wazaaardhi.