Drake Hosts ESPY Awards 2014

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Side Pieceeeeeeesssssss! If you missed the 2014 ESPY Awards on ESPN last night you missed comedic timing at its best. Earlier this year rapper Drake sealed himself the hosting honor after he appeared and entertained his way into American hearts on SNL. Drake did not hold back in roasting this year’s most talented athletes and even poked fun at himself (worked out a kiss with his IG crush Skylar Diggins) as well as the real “glue” behind the sports industry. To understand what we mean, you have to watch the video.

Drake’s skits were fantastic, but his fashions were also attention grabbing. From his laid back urban looks to his dapper suits, Drake showed versatility in his talents and style. It was an amazing show and we can’t wait to see and hear Drake’s upcoming projects. Word on the street… Drake and Chris Brown song, we smell a hit.


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