Downton Abbey: Sixth Season Will Be The Show's Last

Sixth Season Show Ending
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One of my favorite shows on television is coming to an end 🙁 – Downton Abbey.

Downton Abbey executive producer Gareth Neame confirmed Thursday what we’ve all known: The upcoming sixth season will be the show’s last.

According to Neame, “I think our theory is that it’s good to quit while you’re ahead. We feel the show is in incredibly strong shape. The scripts that we’re working on for the upcoming season are fantastic. The show is so popular globally, but the danger with this sort of thing is to let them go on forever. The danger is that you run to seven, eight, nine, 10 years. … But I think it’s more important to us to make a perfectly formed show, in our opinion, that we bring to an end when we think the timing is right, and that people will love and remember that show for many, many years to come, and not feel that there was any sort of drop-off or we outstayed our welcome.”

Neame said that he and creator Julian Fellowes have been stunned by the show’s success, especially in the States, and that the decision to wrap up after Season 6 was a joint one among Neame, Fellowes and the cast. “It would be very tempting, very easy, to go for another year or beyond that, but it doesn’t feel right for any of us,” he said.