Curly Hair Tips

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beautiful black woman curls

For curly hair to look its best, a little training and manipulation may be necessary. The more you can encourage your curls to behave you can decrease frizz, breakage and create a more defined curl pattern. With natural hair shampooing tresses is just the beginning to having a great hair day.

When you were young, you probably have memories of getting your tresses cleansed in the kitchen sink or bath tub with your hair flipped over. Curly hair should actually be washed with strands going the opposite way. If you can’t get to a salon sink, do your shampooing in a shower in order to get curls going downward. This cuts down on having to disturb your curls once the time comes to flip your hair back over which in turn will help decrease any puffiness and tangling. Moreover, you should get into the habit of de-tangling your locks before you shampoo them. Doing so, will count down on the chances of your hair matting up which could be a pain to unravel.