Ciara Marries Russell Wilson in Cheshire England

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Ciara Marries Russell Wilson in Cheshire England

Wow do we have news for you! Major congratulations to one of the hottest couples ever! Ciara and Russell Wilson are officially man and wife. We know you are dying to have all the juicy details. We got them and are running them all down in today’s Ciara Marries Russell Wilson in Cheshire England exclusive!

Ciara Marries Russell Wilson in Cheshire England

It seems like just yesterday that Ciara and her now hubby were spotted making their first appearance at the White House. Quite a first impression to leave on fans everywhere. Instantly the two lovebirds made headlines and increased in popularity. Furthermore, it was easy to see how Ciara’s life immediately transformed for the better.

Her smile said it all. Contentment with the love of a good man. Both Russell Wilson and Ciara gushed about each other to their fans. Soon it was clear that the love between them both was the real deal.

Ciara Marries Russell Wilson2

Fast forward to July 2016 and the happy couple is being spotted having a rehearsal dinner. The rehearsal dinner was held at Stanley’s Bar and Grill at the Titanic Hotel in Liverpool. This little spotting caused quite a stir.

Married Already?

Were we all duped? No, it was all just practice. While at the rehearsal dinner rumors began to fly. Ciara and Russell held hands as she wore a stunning halter dress. Since the dress was so beautiful and in a white shade as a result many felt that this was a secret wedding.

However, no secret wedding went down. Also, Ciara and Russell Wilson were simply practicing for the big day. That was Tuesday and their gorgeous wedding soon followed.

Ciara Marries Russell Wilson – The Details

Let’s start with fashion shall we? Ciara’s elegant, lacy gown is by designer, Roberto Cavalli. In addition, Russell Wilson looked very handsome and dapper in a custom black tux.

Location, location, location! England has many fabulous travel spots with marvelous views. Ciara and Russell picked a locale that was truly fit for a princess. See for yourself!

Ciara Marries Russell Wilson2

Isn’t their venue just fabulous darlings?! Yes, Ciara and Russell Wilson exchanged their vows inside of a glamorous castle. Peckforton Castle in Cheshire, England to be exact.

Getting hitched in a castle is what Disney dreams are made of and then some. Want more exclusive views of Peckforton Castle? Scroll down and your wish will come true!

Ciara Marries Russell Wilson3 Ciara Marries Russell Wilson4

The Guestlist

A celebrity wedding is pretty close to the likes of the Academy Awards. Everyone always wants to know who is on the guestlist! Ciara’s famous gal pals were in attendance. Jennifer Hudson and Kelly Rowland were both spotted. Kelly along with LaLa Vasquez were on hand to help Ciara get ready.

However, one lady in Ciara’s bridal party was a total no show! One of the biggest fears in any bride’s mind. Nevertheless, Serena Williams had a very good reason for not coming. Williams unfortunately had to back out due to her Wimbledon semi-finals match. Consequently, we are sure Serena wished the couple well and we wish Serena continued success at Wimbledon!

Ciara Marries Russell Wilson – The Announcement

Ciara and Russell Wilson, excuse us, we mean The Wilsons! It is always cute to see couples talk about each other online. The Wilsons do this all the time. Therefore, should an announcement about their wedding be any different?

Ciara and Russell took to all social media platforms in order to inform fans of their union. Both simply captioned their wedding photo, “We are The Wilsons!” Simple, adorable and its nice they let us all share in the joy of their big day.

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