Ciara Cancels Tour But Promises New Album!

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Ciara Cancels Tour But Promises New Album!

Rihanna has us all doing Work, Queen Bey said get into Formation and now Ciara aims to put her stamp on the music game like never before. Ciara has recently come under heat by her fans who received the news of her upcoming tour cancellation. CiCi fans revealed that they had hoped that the singer would first tour and then make new music. Some felt betrayed due to their loyalty to Ciara but CiCi helped to put all at ease with the release of a statement confirming her recent activities. Ciara mentioned,

Important Message For My Fans Regarding Tour ❤

Unfortunately, my upcoming tour is moving again.. Why?…I’m currently in the process of making the best album of my career! I want to give all of you an incredible show… A show that you deserve! Therefore, I gotta stay focused in the studio and commit myself to this new music. I love you all, and I’m thankful for your unwavering support. I am excited for this journey to continue and look forward to seeing you soon!

Love Ciara

Ciara Cancels Tour But Promises New Album!2

Ciara sounds very focused and dedicated to her craft. So how are her fans holding up? Here are a few of their thoughts:

“While I am sad that the tour moved back I am really glad inside knowing that you are happy making new music for us your loyal fans. Keep going after your dreams Ciara we are here for you and love you for all [your] sacrifice to stay creating music for us.”

“Yassssss Ciara come through. I’m proud of everything that you are doing. You inspire me in more ways than one. I love you thanks for informing us.”

“Well I hope that all this good work we will be happy with your music. You never let us down but please don’t make a slow a** album where every song is slow I want something I can dance to [not] be all up in my feelings like always bring something new to the table I can’t wait to hear it.”

“Proud of you Ciara! For those who don’t understand the music business they will talk all day. They have no idea what it takes to be an artist and performer on a professional level. Easier said than done!! Can’t wait to hear it!!”

For the most part it seems like all is forgiven. Fans just want good music from Ciara to move to soon. So do we, because to us CiCi is still one of the best dancers/entertainers still around. Hopefully, all the good vibes in her life right now will inspire her to come out killing it!

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