Beyonce Drops a Whole Pitcher of Lemonade On Fans

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Beyonce Drops a Whole Pitcher of Lemonade On Fans2

Did you catch it? Last night Beyonce took the music industry by surprise dropping a whole pitcher of Lemonade on fans with her special on HBO network. The special revealed the visual part of Beyoncé’s upcoming Lemonade  album. The long-awaited release will boast 12 new songs as well as a short film.

Beginning with Formation and Super Bowl 50, there had been so much buzzing surrounding Queen Bey regarding a new album release. Fans felt it was only a matter of time before big news would stream from the source that a brand new album was nearing. Such feelings were not unwarranted due to the overwhelming evidence that flowed from the Beyoncé camp.

Beyonce Drops a Whole Pitcher of Lemonade On Fans3

Thanks to Bey getting everyone in Formation, announcing a world tour and oh yeah, posting a trailer for Lemonade via social media, fans immediately drew the right conclusion. Bey had been working on new music and the time had come for all to give ear. Yesterday evening, fans were treated to Bey’s new sounds thanks to the hour-long Lemonade special and the response was pure excitement. Some reactions were as follows:

“Nice!! I see you’ve got more slow songs. The Freedom song I love the most. Thank you!”

“What is Lemonade?”

“Beyonce you have evolved on so many levels… the spoken word, the realness… Mad respect for you love.”

“Is Beyonce single because I’m tryna hop down.” 


“Yes I was living for this entire visual album!!”

“I really hope this goes on iTunes cause I’m broke smh.”

Beyonce Drops a Whole Pitcher of Lemonade On Fans4

As you can see fan reaction was diversified for various reasons. One was over the fact that the Lemonade album is available on Tidal. Some took it better than others. Tweets begged Bey to at least consider Spotify but it you want Lemonade you know where to find it.

Another aspect of the album that caused social outlets to combust was Bey’s talk about infidelity. Immediately, fans began to wonder if a new album and new divorce was underway. Instantly memes poured onto Twitter taking cracks at poor Jay Z. However, to us, Bey should of made a song called Single Men, because after viewing the HBO special several were ready and willing to take over things for Mr. Jay to the Z. Nevertheless, all seems to be just fine at the Carters residence. The Lemonade HBO special included home video of Bey, Jay and Blue together being one happy family. Sorry guys but Bey isn’t returning to the Single Ladies club.

Beyonce Drops a Whole Pitcher of Lemonade On Fans5

What is Lemonade? It has to stand for something right? That question was another theme that prevailed among the social. By Bey’s lyrics it seemed like a lot of tea being poured out. Is Beyoncé’s new album tea holding all the sugar with a taking no prisoners sour punch? We’ll let you decide that for yourselves. Get Lemonade available on Tidal.

Cool Facts: The visual album’s includes appearance’s by Zendaya and Bey’s duo Chloe x Halle to name a few. Also, lookout for Serena Williams in a leotard dancing with Queen Bey. It’s pretty epic.

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