Beyonce Beyhive Raises Money For Flint Michigan

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Beyonce Beyhive Raises Money For Flint Michigan

Beyonce had the idea but it was her hive that truly made it happen. After news of the Flint, Michigan water crisis surfaced many celebrities came to the aid of residents affected by the disaster. Poisoned and being charged for bad tap water, bottles of water were donated by celebs and outside agencies. However, the problem remained which meant that more water would be needed just so residents could rehydrate themselves and bathe. Well the Formation continues because it has become widely known that the Beyonce Beyhive raises money for Flint Michigan! How did they do it?

This year Beyonce once again took a lot of heat for “not thinking of the community.” Nevertheless, her tour has helped change such views. While purchasing tickets for the Formation tour fans were asked if they would like to donate. The support for the initiative was overwhelming. Over $80,000 was raised in order to help victims of the Flint water crisis. Way to go hive!

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Yes, the Beyonce Beyhive raises money for Flint Michigan is a huge Bey topic this week, but several pics are also causing a stir. Beyonce and her fambam are currently living the high life on some beautiful Hawaiian sandy beaches! Jay-Z, little Blue Ivy and Queen Bey were spotted snapping photo after photo of family time bliss. It is always cool to see celebrities doing activities that us normals enjoy doing as well. However, the rich and famous still do things a tad bit different. Money is no object so any excursion and fashion is not off limits.

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Several photos emerged of Beyonce drenching herself on her Bae-cation. What was she wearing? Long sleeves are definitely trending this year and doesn’t it make since that this year’s CFDA Fashion Icon would be indulging in this hot style? Mrs. Carter’s boisterous and fun swimsuit with cut-outs are great for any lady who prefers to be a little more covered up but still wants a few sexy details.

Have fun on the vacation Bey and nice work Beyhive!

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