Best Oats for Weight Loss -Boost That Metabolism Every Day!

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Best Oats for Weight Loss

How would you like to stimulate and give your metabolism a major BOOST every single day? No, we are not selling you some sort of fitness and diet fairytale. All you have to do is make sure you are getting your oats every morning. Nevertheless, not all oats are created equal. As a result, we got the intel from celebrity fitness trainer, Leyon Azubuike, on what’s the best oats for weight loss!

Best Oats for Weight Loss -Boost That Metabolism Every Day

Leyon is the founder and owner of Gloveworx, a trainer on NBC’s Strong as well as Revenge Body. Plus, he’s the mastermind behind Jennifer Anniston’s lean, smoking bod. Therefore, we knew he would be the perfect source for some Oats information. In regards to what type to eat AND when, Leyon states,

“Breakfast literally means “breaking the fast.” Your body and your brain need to replenish what was used overnight to repair and rebuild from the day before.

Eating a breakfast containing protein and slow burning carbs also helps with weight loss; as it stimulates your metabolism; and prevents over eating later during the mid-day crash.

Oatmeal is a great nutritional choice. Specifically steel cut oats. They are high in soluble fiber which helps to lower blood cholesterol and sugar. It also helps with digestion and has a low glycemic index too.

Furthermore, they are dense which makes the oatmeal chewier and more filling. I like adding any kind of nut butter; greek yogurt and fresh fruit to oatmeal to add healthy fats and more protein. The fruit is a wonderful natural sweetener without any added sugars! Get your oats!”

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