Best Eyebrows - Get the Full Look Without Looking Insta Fake

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Best Eyebrows

For decades the fashion as well as beauty industry have swooned over full, voluminous brows. However, the modern version worn today looks like some have chosen to play with magic markers instead of eyebrow pencil. Harsh. Nevertheless, we admit we are guilty too of over-filling our brows. As a result, we let our professional MUA (makeup artist) pals give us some tips. Here’s how to get your best eyebrows ever, without them turning out excessively harsh.

Best Eyebrows – Get the Full Look Without Looking Insta Fake

Save your selfies! It is easy to think that in order to get thick eyebrows one would need to fill them in every inch their life. However, if you want to slay on the natural tip you want to have a lighter hand in things. Our pros top tips are:

  1. Choose an eyebrow pencil tint that is no more than two tones lighter or darker than your natural shade. This cuts down on the chances of creating a final product that is severe.
  2. When filling in sparse or thin haired areas use quick, short strokes.
  3. Do some clean up first. Brush eyebrow strands upwards and trim any hair that are longer than your ideal shape. This instantly lifts the face and give brows a more professional finish.
  4. Use a contour brush to gently wipe away any mistakes or overdrawn lines if you got trigger happy with the color.
  5. Take your eyebrow pencil or powder and fill in the middle section, arch as well as tail. Next, use a brow brush to brush out the color which also will blend it.
  6. To look well groomed very strong eyebrows need a little help from gel. After filling in brows use gel to maintain the shape and defined look. No gel, clear mascara is clutch or spray a small amount of hairspray on a spoolie and get to taming.

Best Eyebrows

Best Eyebrows – Why Go Full?

Our brow crush is currently singer, Zendaya. However, there are more reasons to love this makeup look than it being a hot celebrity trend. Thick eyebrows can immediately transform your face. Moreover, fuller brows can give the face the appearance of symmetry. It is believed that people view others as more beautiful, the more symmetrical their face appears. Just keep that little bit of science from numerous research studies in mind.

So then, your natural beauty look a tiny boost just by changing up your eyebrows. Use the above pro tips and you will be creating your best eyebrows will ease.

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Best Eyebrows

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