Best Beauty Oils For Gorgeous Skin!

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Best Beauty Oils For Gorgeous Skin

Beauty oils are great for helping to restore or achieve skin full of luster and vitality. Moreover, these oils help to make up natural body scrubs that can provide moisturizing benefits as well. Remember, homemade scrubs are a cinch and only really come down to three things: beauty oil, fragrance (optional) and salt/sugar.

Therefore, what beauty oils reign supreme? Here is our list of the oils you should be utilizing right now!

1. Sesame Oil- Anti-oxidant properties

2. Coconut Oil– Moisturizing

3. Almond Oil– Amazing results for all skin types; moisturizing

4. Grape Seed Oil- Great for acne prone or oily skin

5. Avocado Oil– Improves dry skin

6. Vitamin E Oil– Healing & moisturizing

7. Apricot Oil– For dry skin

8. Jojoba Oil– Very moisturizing and works on all skin types

9. Olive Oil– Great moisturizer