Bates Motel : Did You Catch Rihanna's Cameo Appearance?

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Rihanna is still out here flexing her triple threat muscles! She may have been snubbed at the Grammys (Anti should of got something), but that has not slowed down her hustle one bit. Riri is currently busy getting her acting on for the big and small screen. You may have already seen countless photos of her shooting scenes for the upcoming all female cast of the new Ocean’s installment. However, BadgalRiRi invaded homes last night with a cameo appearance on the hit show, Bates Motel. Did you catch it?

Bates Motel

Now if you are like us you loathe spoilers. Therefore, we promise to only give a quick overview to wet your appetite. You know, just in case you want to locate and watch the full episode online.

First off, remember that old school film Psycho, by the extraordinary film visionary Alfred Hitchcock? Well, the television show Bates Motel gives viewers an inside look into the events that led up to the movie’s storyline.

So then, who did Rihanna get to play in all of this? Riri stars in the plum role of Marion Crane, the infamous Psycho character portrayed by Janet Leigh in the 1960 thriller. Back when the original film came out many viewers were shocked that Leigh’s character was murdered so quickly being such a big name star.

Nevertheless, even though Janet’s character in the movie was short-lived (excuse the pun), the shower scene made up for it. Did the epic scene make the cut in Rihanna’s Bates Motel cameo? Sorry loves we promised no spoilers. You will just have to find that out when the episode replays or by watching it from an online source. For inquiring minds, A&E network plays the Bates Motel eps on their website (wink,wink).

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