Arianne Hair Perfume

Arianne Hair Perfume

Hey Hair Loves!

I’m Arianne, owner of 1966 Magazine, and I’ve always had a passion for great smelling hair!

As a little girl I would sit on the counter of my bathroom and crank out my own DIY hair products like a mad scientist. The funny thing is…they WORKED!  One of my favorite creations is Arianne Hair Perfume.

What people are saying about the product…

I went to a party last night and people kept telling me my hair smelled delicious! I love it. Carmen

THANK YOU! As someone who hikes a lot, I have been waiting on this product all my life. After two months of using it, I can say it works. Beck

Worth every penny. Janelle

Ready To Buy Your Bottle of Arianne Hair Perfume?

Lavender Hair Perfume

Candy Apple $15.00 (2.5 fl. oz)

I love for my hair to smell like springtime after a workout at the gym or a long day of running around doing shoots for my mag. My hair product IS the perfect solution for athletic, fit girls, busy boss ladies and all lovers of sweet smelling fragrances.

Arianne hair perfume will not only keep your tresses smelling salon fresh, but healthy too because of the all natural essential oils infused into the product. Take a look for yourself at the photo on below, that’s all my own hair!

Arianne Hair Perfume

What did I use?

Yeah, you guessed it, Arianne Hair Perfume.

And, by the way, I made my first hair perfume at the tender age of twelve. As a child I loved playing “Hairdresser” as well as spritzing on my mother’s favorite fragrances, Chanel no.5 and White Diamonds, which inspired me to create a version for your hair.

Who Is Arianne Hair Perfume For?

Natural or straight? Hair type? It doesn’t matter! I use my hair perfume whether I’m rocking a curly hairstyle or straightened locks. Arianne Hair Perfume is infused with essential oils that will nourish and condition strands while making them smell divine.

The proof is in the pudding, in this case each bottle (wink, wink).

I hope you enjoy using my hair perfumes as much as I enjoy creating them. Enjoy the hair scent: Candy Apple!

Here’s to healthy hair and tantalizing fragrance!


Arianne xoxo

Candy Apple Hair Perfume

Candy Apple $15.00 (2.5 fl. oz)