2016 Brit Awards Gets Worked By Rihanna and Drake

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2016 Brit Awards Gets Worked By Rihanna and Drake

Rihanna and Drake put in Work at the 2016 Brit Awards. The visuals and smooth dancing by Rihanna and her dancers had us moving with lips all twisted up. It looked like RiRi was having fun which only added to the electric vibe all in the musical air.

There was a lot anticipation surrounding this performance due to past cancellations. Rihanna had opted out of performing during the Victoria’s Secret Fashion as well as this year’s Grammys. Although her reason for skipping out on the Grammys was very valid. RiRi had taken ill and it was deemed that her voice needed to be rested.

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Rihanna’s 2016 Brit Awards performance showed that she was definitely worth the wait. As soon as it wrapped all we could think was, “Rihanna is definitely back!” The beauty is riding high with a platinum and #1 Billboard song which now has helped her surpass Michael Jackson. Thanks to Work the Barbadian singer now has more number songs than the gloved one.

Well, enough talk, in case you missed Rihanna and Drake’s performance at the 2016 Brit Awards here it is:

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2016 Brit Awards Gets Worked By Rihanna and Drake4